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BIRTH YEARS: 2017 (U9) - 2010 (U15 No High-School)

Select teams require a fall and spring season commitment. The program is designed for players seeking a less rigorous environment than that of Premier and one that encourages multi-sport participation.  Select teams train together in team and age pool sessions throughout the season and must be willing to commit to making the majority of their training sessions and games in order to keep the teams viable and in a competitive state.

Players on Select teams follow a curriculum aimed at helping players strengthen their fundamental skills (Cognition, Competency, and Character) and prepare them for future Premier or high school soccer level of play.

In the Select Program, we try to form two teams at each age group U9 - U12.   This approach enables us to group players of similar strength and ability and apply an appropriate level of instruction and training.  As players progress through the system and reach the U13 age group, the roster size is expanded to accommodate the 11v11 game format and teams may be combined and mixed age groups may also be considered. 


This program requires a lower time and financial commitment than the Premier program.



BIRTH YEARS:  2017 (U8),  2016 (U9),  2015 (U10), 2014 (U11),  2013 (U12),  2012 (U13), 2011 (U14), 2010 (U15)

  • Commitment to both the fall and spring season

  • Flexible payment plan available along with financial assistance

  • Program cost is $375 per player.   Sibling discount available

  • Includes the following programing: Goalkeeper AcademyExtra Touch Training.  Winter training is available for an additional fee.


Teams train twice per week during the fall and spring season with


Teams will compete in two tournaments.  Typically, 1 in the fall and 1 in the spring.


$375 per player. Sibling discount and financial assistance available


Teams in our Select Program can expect 8-10 sesson games and will compete in either the Capital Area Soccer League or the Western Suburban Soccer League.  Placement will be decided by the coach and DSC staff.


All Select players must purchase a new kit for the current uniform cycle.  The kit is available through Moneyball Sportwear starting at $135.

  • Uniform kit includes:  1 x white jersey, 1 x blue jersey, 1 x training jersey, 1 x blue short, 1 x blue socks, 1 x white socks

  • Current uniform cycle 2024/2025 - 2025/2026

  • Uniform fee is not included in the player registration fee

  • Player numbers must be approved by the team coach prior to submitting an order

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