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Ox Roast 4x4 Tournament

24th Annual Ox Roast 4x4 Soccer Tournament

Registration is open for the 24th Annual DeWitt Ox Roast 4v4 Soccer Tournament! August 14-15, 2020


DeWitt Soccer Club is creating a tournament that will consider all MSYSA safety guidelines as well as state and local health agencies.  Below is a snapshot of what last year's dates of significance looked like.  We will update this page as more information becomes available.

· Early registration ends on August 2nd. Sign up now and the entry fee is only $160.
· Late registration ends on August 9th. Sign up between 8/3 and 8/9 and the entry fee is $165.
· All teams are guaranteed 4 games.

Test your skills in an exciting and fun soccer format! We will have divisions for all skill levels and ages, so get your squad together ASAP!

We will also hold juggling competitions and we will be featuring soccer darts!

Held at the DeWitt High School Fields and the Varsity Soccer Field
Registration is open. Your team can either pay the fee at the time of registration or have the flexibility of paying (online) by August 10th. In the event that the tournament is cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 100% of your registration fee is refundable.

For questions or sponsorship opportunities, contact Kevin Lutz at

4x4 DeWitt Ox Roast Official Tournament Rules

1.  Unless denoted in this document, current FIFA rules apply. They can be found at the FIFA website, under Laws of the Game.

2.  Each player will be required to sign the player registration form. If the player is under 18, their parent or legal guardian will be required to sign the player registration form. By signing the registration form you acknowledge that the DeWitt Soccer Club (“DSC”) and tournament committee is not responsible for lost or stolen property or any injury that may occur during the tournament. Proof of age of each player is required. (If any player’s age is challenged, that player will be required to present proof of date of birth to the tournament officials. Failure to provide proof will result in forfeiture of the game.)

3.  Teams will consist of not more than five (5) players and not less than three (3) on the signed waiver (no subs after waiver turned in). A maximum of four (4) players and not less than three (3) players will be allowed on the field of play for each team. Substitutions may be made only when play is stopped and after notification is made to the referee. Substitutions may not be made on stoppage resulting from a foul or corner kicks.

4.  Teams will be grouped in divisions by age. If there are not enough teams in a division, you will put in a division at the discretion of the committee. The committee reserves the right to eliminate a division if we deem appropriate.

5.  Based on the number of registrations and field availability, Lansing area teams may be required to play a game Friday evening. Teams who have participants in the Ox Roast Parade may be required to play two (2) games Friday evening to accommodate scheduling.

6.  We reserve the right to reduce the number of scheduled games or shorten games due to unforeseen circumstances. The DSC reserves the right shorten the tournament to Friday through Saturday.

7.  There are NO GOALIES allowed.

8.  All players must wear approved shin guards and matching shirts (or matching practice vests will be provided.)

9.  Playing fields will be 40 yards long and 25 yards wide. Goals will be approximately four (4) feet high by six (6) feet wide.

10. Players, coaches, and parents will not be permitted to sit on the same side of the playing field. Players and coaches of both teams will be on one side, while the parents of both teams will be on the opposite side.

11. Games will consist of two (2) ten (10) minutes halves with a three (3) minute half time. Pool Play games: The games will begin with a long blast of a horn. Halftime will begin and end with a long blast of a horn. Two short blasts will denote one-minute remaining in the game. Bracket Play games will begin and end at the discretion of the head referee.

12. There are no off-sides. 

13. All scoring must be shot from the team’s offensive half of the field. A team will not be awarded a goal on a direct kick made on a kick-off or a kick-in from the sideline. A goal can be scored directly on a corner kick.

14. When a ball goes out of bounds at the touchline, the team taking possession will start with an indirect kick at the point where that ball went out of play. Goal kicks will be taken anywhere on the line of the defensive penalty arc.

15. If, in a referee’s discretion, a team intentionally kicks a ball out of bounds (an inordinate distance) or fails to retrieve a ball in a prompt manner, for the purpose of allowing time to expire, they will be warned. If the situation occurs a second time, the opposing team will be awarded a penalty kick.

16. No player may stand in the “penalty arc” (a 7-foot radius arc from the center of the goal). If a player is standing in the arc, the penalties will be:

a. First offense—warning by head referee.

b. Second and any further offenses—opposing team gets a penalty kick from midfield.

NOTE: Standing being defined as purposefully occupying space in the arc to defend the goal. Running through the arc area to get to the other side of the field is permitted.

17. If a defensive player touches a ball that has entered the penalty arc, the opposing team gets a penalty kick from the centerline. If a referee, in the referee’s sole discretion, determines that a team intentionally kicks a ball out of the penalty arc to avoid the scoring of a goal by the opponent, the referee will award a goal to the offensive team. If an offensive player shoots the ball from within the penalty arc, the opposing team plays from a goal kick. If any ball stops within the penalty arc and does not cross the goal line, play is restarted with a goal kick or corner kick, depending on who last touched the ball.

18. PENALTY KICKS—Penalty kicks will be given for fouls and misconduct that are penalized under the FIFA Rules with a direct kick. Accordingly, a penalty kick will be awarded if a player, in the discretion of the referee:

a. Commits any of the following offenses (1-5) in a manner considered by the referee to be careless, reckless or using excessive force:  (1) Kicks or attempts to kick an opponent; (2) Trips or attempts to trip an opponent; (3) Charges an opponent; (4) Strikes or attempts to strike an opponent; or (5) Pushes an opponent, Tackles an opponent to gain possession of the ball, making contact with the opponent before touching the ball;

b. Executes or attempts to execute a “slide tackle” against an opposing player;

c. Holds an opponent;

d. Spits at an opponent; or

e. Handles the ball deliberately/ intentionally (intentional hand ball).

19. Penalty kicks will be taken from the centerline (for the younger divisions, there will be a hash mark closer to the goals). All players must be behind the centerline when the penalty kick is being taken. The ball is dead when its forward momentum ends. Play will restart with an indirect kick at midfield by the opposing team if the goal is scored. If a goal is not scored, play will restart with an indirect kick at the centerline, by the team that took the penalty shot.

20. If the ball makes contact with the outside framework of the goal in such a way that the goal is moved significantly from its original position as determined by a referee, and the ball did not completely cross the goal line at the moment of impact, then the play is immediately dead. The play is continued as though the ball had gone out of bounds.

21. A referee reserves the right to eject any player whose behavior at any time during the tournament endangers another player, referees, or the public. The tournament committee has the right to extend the ejection to multiple games or the entire tournament, if the committee, in its discretion, deems it to be warranted under the circumstances. This behavior shall be defined as, but not limited to: Play, which injures or is meant to injure Threatening or unsportsmanlike conduct (e.g. throwing a punch, fighting, etc.) Abusive language

22. A referee, in the referee’s sole discretion, has the right to eject any fan or coach who acts in a threatening or unsportsmanlike manner or uses abusive language toward fans, referees, players or coaches. If the fan or coach will not leave upon request, the team associated with that fan or coach would forfeit that game. The tournament committee has the right to extend the ejection to multiple games or the entire tournament, if the committee, in its discretion, deems it to be warranted under the circumstances.

23. In most circumstances, there will be 2 referees, with one being designate the head referee. The head referee has the final say in all rule interpretations.

24. Mercy Rule - If a team leads in a game by seven (7) goals, that team must remove one player from the field until such time that the lead is reduced to less than seven (7) goals.

25. Teams must be at the scheduled field five (5) minutes prior to their scheduled game time. GAME TIME IS FORFEIT TIME!

26. Deadline for registering a new player will be at tournament registration prior to your first game.

Point system for pool play: Win = 3 points; Tie = 1 point; Loss = 0 points; Forfeit = 0 points

#1 seed for Championship Round goes to the team with largest point total.  Tiebreakers: Total wins, Least goals allowed, Total goal differential (max 7 goal spread/game), Coin flip.

In the event a team plays more than three games prior to the Championship round the first three games they play will be the only ones that count towards the seeding for Sunday.

Championship Round—In the event of a tie during the championship round, the four (4) players on the field when time expires will participate in a Shoot Out (3-second time limit to shoot). The team with the most goals scored after all four players shoot will be the winning team. If a team ends a game with only three players on the field, the team will be allowed four shots on goal. The opposing team, however, may select the player to kick the fourth shot for that team. If the game is still tied after the shoot-out, the teams will participate in a sudden death shootout with all players on the team taking shots on goal on a rotating basis.

Inclement Weather Policy In the event of inclement weather as determined by the 4x4 Event Coordinator, the following sequence of events will occur:

1) Play will be suspended: a) if the game is in the first half, the time remaining will be noted and when/if play is resumed, the remaining minutes will be played. b) if the game is at half-time or in the second half, the game will be considered complete.

2) The Event Coordinator will determine and announce the length of the delay. Everyone is encouraged to remain on site or nearby in a safe location.

3) Play will resume as determined by the Event Coordinator and as announced via the Dewitt Soccer Club 4x4 website ( All teams will be given 15 minutes to appear back on the field for the next or continuing round of play.

4) The next games to be played after the completion of unfinished games will be the games regularly scheduled for that time of day. Any games missed in between will be played in succession at the end of the day or as fields and teams become available as determined by the Event Coordinator. In no event will later regularly scheduled games be played before earlier scheduled games unless agreed upon by both coaches and the Event Coordinator.

5) Mother Nature may decide that not all games can be played on Saturday and therefore, may be moved to Sunday morning. That determination will be made at game time and notifications will be made verbally and on the website (