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At DeWitt SC, we take a systematic approach to player development and team formation.  Developing soccer players is a long term process so building positive relationships with our families and within the community is critical.  We understand that the success of our club is uniquely tied to the opportunities, experiences, and environment that we provide our players and their families.



Finding the harmony between development vs. winning is key in creating strong teams and successful players.  Our philosophy focuses on a balanced approach where players are encouraged to be creative, take risks, and to value the fact that life's best lessons are learned from our mistakes.  Reflecting upon our successes and our mistakes is what enables us to thrive.


Throughout the season we use games to apply our objectives taught in training earlier that week.  Games provide an opportune time to guide and observe players and determine what to focus on in upcoming sessions. Players with strong technical foundations are easily able to absorb the fundamentals of the game so we place heavy emphasis on technical competencies at our younger age groups.  We educate and communicate with players and parents on the balance between competition and development so everyone can achieve their goals.

Winning can be important when it comes to securing elevation in league divisions or advancing in tournament play.  It can also be important for team morale and player confidence.  It comes from utilizing the right training methods that embody player cognition, competency, and character.   Every component within the club and within each team must work together harmoniously.


Our coaches and directors are the backbone to player development.  Each of our supplementary programs offered has experienced coaching staff to lead and facilitate training sessions.  Our team coaches follow our club specific training curriculum that covers technical, tactical, physical, and mental themes which are essential to a player's individual development.  Training is planned to be age and ability appropriate, but the ideas and methodology are consistent throughout our programming.

All of our player development staff members are licensed by the United States Soccer Federation "USSF" governing body, Safesport Certified, Concussion Trained, and are in good standing with the Michigan State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA). Our coaches are encouraged to also pursue advanced soccer certification levels through US Soccer or MSYSA and financial support is given to enable this commitment.   

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