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Any player suspected of having a concussion or is actively exhibiting concussion-like symptoms will be removed from active play for further evaluation.  If under the age of 18, the parent or guardian will be notified by a a coach of staff member.  Any player who sustains a concussion will be required to obtain a doctors note clearing them to return to play before they will be permitted to resume soccer related activities.  Upon review of the note, a club administrator will notify the coach or other applicable staff member(s) that the player is cleared to return to play.  No other medical information will be collected or shared.

All DeWitt Soccer Club board members, coaches, and assistant coaches must complete the CDC's Heads Up Concussion training prior to facilitating any practices or team events.  Parents are encouraged to take the training course as well.


The club should be made aware of any injuries which occur during the course of play that require immediate medical attention.  This includes: eye injury, inability to use an injured extremity, loss of consciousness, loss of memory, excessive bleeding, broken bone, severe sprain or ligament tear, or any injury that a supervising coach or staff member warrants immediate attention.

The club should also be aware of any allergies or asthma that could interfere with playing the game.  Parents must inform coaches and the club on how to intervene in these instances.  Club administrators and staff have access to the medical condition information provided for each player during registration.  If there are any changes for your player, please update this information and have a conversation with your coach and team manager.


All DeWitt Soccer Club administrators, players and coaches pass carded through the Michigan State Youth Soccer Association ("MSYSA") are insured by a secondary medical insurance policy.  If your player is injured during a sanctioned event, the player's family must file a timely claim with the insurance company.  For additional information and help filing a claim please contact the club.


in the case of any inclement weather during a sanctioned event, the decision to suspend or cancel the event lies solely with the referee, coach, or facility manager.  Participants must immediately vacate the event and seek shelter in their own vehicle until it has been deemed safe to resume activities.



All DeWitt Soccer Club staff and coaches undergo SafeSport training.  The Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017 requires all amateur sports organizations to have a risk management program to promote the welfare of participants and adopt policies prohibiting sexual abuse.  Training is required of all DeWitt Soccer Club administrators, coaches, and staff.


All coaches and team managers are required to complete an annual child safety training course (SafeSport as discussed above) and pass a risk management state background check.  In addition, the club requires each of our coaches and trainers to adhere to a Conduct Policy that promotes child well-being and safety and covers inappropriate behaviors such as bullying, harassment, and hazing.

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