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BIRTH YEARS: 2012 (U13) - 2010 (U15 No High-School)

DeWitt Soccer Club has the option of participating in Premier soccer through the Michigan State Premier Soccer League (MSPSP). This league is a highly competitive program with over 80 clubs, 700 teams, and 11,000 players aged U13-U19 in Michigan.


This level of play is designed for our highest achieving teams and participation in theleague will be determined by our player development staff.  Financial and time commitments are higher for teams playing in MSPSP due to increased time in training and fees for participation at the league level. 



BIRTH YEARS:  2012 (U13), 2011 (U14), 2012 (U15)

  • Teams U13-U15 requires a year long commitment with play in the Fall and Spring

  • U19 girls (high school) compete in the fall season

  • U19 boys (high school) compete in the spring season

  • Includes the following programing: Goalkeeper AcademyExtra Touch Training.  Winter training is available for an additional fee.


Teams train two-three times per week.


Minimum of one tournament per season


U13-U15 $625*

U19 players $375*

* indicates an approximate cost


Teams in our Premier Program can expect 8-10 games per season in the Michigan State Premier Soccer Program (MSPSP) and another potential 3-5 when participating in the Michigan State Cup.  Away games are typically within a 30-90 minute drive.



All Select players must purchase a new kit for the current uniform cycle.  The kit is available through Moneyball Sportwear starting at $135.

  • Uniform kit includes:  1 x white jersey, 1 x blue jersey, 1 x training jersey, 1 x blue short, 1 x blue socks, 1 x white socks

  • Current uniform cycle 2024/2025 - 2025/2026

  • Uniform fee is not included in the player registration fee

  • Player numbers must be approved by the coach prior to submitting an order

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