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Team Formation (approved April 29)

Teams are formed after the initial tryout using the rules of the Capital Area Soccer League (CASL) and the West Suburban Soccer League (WSSL).  Below are other guidelines that the DeWitt Soccer Club uses for team formation:

  • Coaches are decided by the DeWitt Soccer Club Board.
  • Players are to tryout at their age appropriate time. Exceptions will be for those players who have previously played for DeWitt Soccer Club and are asked by a coach to tryout at their grade appropriate level which can only be one year ahead of their age. This will be approved in advance by the board.
  • For players to make a team when they are not age appropriate (playing up), they must be in the top 3 based on tryout evaluation of the higher age team.
  • At U10 and higher, a “top” team will be formed first and once spots have been accepted, additional team(s) will be formed.
    • If enough players, a separate second team will be formed.
    • Options for additional team(s) include dual rostering (primary team established) or combining of age groups.  This will be decided with board approval.

Any other exceptions will be decided by the DeWitt Soccer Club Board.


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